Practice Areas

Stoller Law Office is a general law practice specializing in the transactional law areas of real estate, estate planning, estate administration, and business planning.

"Title Deeds show the ownership in addition to rights, obligations or mortgages on the property at the time of sale, purchase or transfer. This process is part of the conveyancing process."

Real Estate

We are glad to assist you and provide guidance in connection with your sale or purchase of real estate.  Services include real estate sales contract drafting and review, deed preparation, and title examination.

Last Will and Testament document with quill pen and handwriting

Estate Planning

We look forward to assisting you and providing counsel in connection with establishing your estate plan.  We are prepared to draft your will or trust to make sure your wishes and goals are met.

"Probate granted on a Last Will & Testament at a Probate Court. The first step in the legal process of administering and transferring ownership of the estate of a deceased personaas wealth, including savings, antiques, property and cars, as designated in the deceasedaas will.  A Probate Court decides the legal validity of the testatoraas will and grants approval thereof to the executors to legally distribute the estate according to the will."

Estate Administration/Probate

We are here to assist in the transfer of assets under the will or trust of a deceased loved one.

pen and paper

Business Planning

We are prepared to assist in organizing your new corporation or limited liability company (LLC) including the filings with the Secretary of State and drafting organizational documents such as bylaws and operating agreements.